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Is Lexington Law The Right Credit Repair Company For You?

If you are suffering from poor credit and wondering how you can go about improving your credit standing, enlisting a credit repair company like Lexington Law to help may be the right choice.  The credit repair process involves disputing errors on credit reports.  If you believe that there are inaccurate items on your report, credit repair may be the right choice for you.  If you have items on your report that are verifiable and real, a credit repair company would not be able to assist you.

Who is Lexington Law?

Lexington Law has been repairing credit since 2004 and staffs experienced lawyers and paralegals who work to protect consumers’ credit rights.  Their extensive knowledge of credit law has helped them successfully repair thousands of consumer credit reports.  Their ultimate goal is to help clients take charge of their credit and achieve their financial goals.  Since their inception, they have challenged over 180 million items on behalf of their clients.  In 2019 alone, they were able to remove over 1.5 million negative items from clients’ credit reports.

What Can Lexington Law Do For You?

Every year, Lexington Law is successful in removing millions of negative items. Here are some of the items they focus on:

  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Charge offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Liens

They work with over 24 licensed lawyers across 19 states.  Each of them is trained in both consumer protection law and consumer advocacy. Once you sign up with their services, their first order of business is to obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus (EquifaxExperian, and TransUnion).  They will then thoroughly examine your credit report to look for inaccuracies. If they find any, their legal staff will begin drafting letters of dispute to send to the creditors or bureaus. Who they send the dispute letter to will depend on the type of error they find.  Once these disputes have gone out, they wait for responses. They will continue to follow up with the creditors and bureaus until the issues are resolved.

During the credit repair process, you are free to contact your representative for progress updates or even to receive credit advice. You will also have access to updated information through your personal portal as well as educational resources.  Click here to read a full review of Lexington Law.

How Long Will The Credit Repair Process Take?

On average, it will take about six months to repair your credit. Each case is different and may require more or less time to achieve results. In addition, there are no guarantees in credit repair.  Any company that offers you a guarantee is not reputable. The key thing to consider when choosing a credit repair company is the amount of positive reviews.  With so many years in business, Lexington Law has racked up thousands of positive reviews from clients. Although six months is the average, some customers have seen results in as little as 90 days. Ultimately, results are dependent on the state of your credit at time of enrollment.

Lexington Law Service Plans

There are three plans to choose from and the right one for you will depend on your credit situation and the level of service you need.


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Is Lexington Law Worth The Investment?

If you are suffering from poor credit, enlisting a reputable credit repair company like Lexington Law may be able to help you.  Having good credit is a key part of your financial well-being.  Your credit scores are a key determining factor for approval for everything from a loan to the interest rates you will pay.  Your credit score also helps determine your auto premium and whether you get approved for an apartment rental.  As you can see, your credit scores determine quite a lot when it comes to your finances.

Signing up for credit repair services will cost you money but getting your credit back in good standing can help you save thousands in the long run.

Five Of The Best Personal Finance Documentaries To Watch Right Now

Some of the best personal finance documentaries can be found on your favorite streaming service or for free online.  If you are interested in personal finance and becoming better at handling money, you’ll definitely want to watch films that focus on the topic of money.  Having it, craving it, losing it, saving it, and more. With everyone spending more time at home than usual, you might as well learn something useful with your TV time.

Make some buttered popcorn, find the comfiest spot on the couch, and check out some of our recommended personal finance documentaries. They may inspire you to be better at managing your finances, or they may serve as cautionary tales.   


Here are the top five personal finance documentaries to check out right now



See the source image

Lottery winners, people who inherit large amounts of money, famous people who have lost it all.  There is a common theme for many people who come into windfalls of money and wind up broke.  Why do people have such a terrible relationship with money?  Why can’t they seem to hold onto it and create a life of financial wellness for themselves?  This documentary focuses on the stories of athletes, but the personal finance lessons you learn apply to anyone. You can catch it on Netflix, it appears ESPN is streaming a lower quality version on YouTube.)


Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room


See the source image

In less than one year, Enron nose-dived from its position as the seventh largest US company to bankruptcy. More than 20,000 people lost their jobs as a results of the Enron scandal. A documentary made in 2005 about the company’s corrupt business practices, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room reminds us that greed only leads to destruction. If you’re interested in the human drama aspect of the Enron story, then you’ll definitely want to watch this documentary. You can rent it on Hulu and Amazon Prime.  If you have Netflix, you can watch it for free.


In Debt We Trust


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Another documentary, In Debt We Trust was made in 2007 and examines the growing trend of “borrow now, pay later” in the U.S. In the past, Americans used to owe less than they had in their savings accounts, but a startling number of people don’t have savings today. In fact, according to Bankrate’s latest Financial Security Index in 2019, nearly three in 10 (28 percent) U.S. adults have no emergency savings. The documentary examines how this new reality will impact younger generations and even the global economy. You can watch the entire movie for free on YouTube.


Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders


See the source image

Credit is something that can be a financial downfall for so many. Our society continues to mismanage credit leading to mountains of debt for so many.  Personal credit card debt runs around $6k for the average American.  Not to mention the climbing student loan debt crisis unfolding for young graduates.  This documentary came out in 2006 but the points made in this movie are still very relevant.

Dirty Money


See the source image

Although this is not a documentary, this Netflix Original Series is an excellent show that covers various stories about exposing the corruption, greed and crime that is currently rampant in our global economy.   Each episode focuses on some example of corporate corruption accompanied by exclusive interviews with key players.


Get your personal finances in check before it is too late

Once you have watched some of these documentaries, you will hopefully have a clearer picture on how you want to manage your finances.  Whether you are just starting out and are not experiencing financial difficulty or you are finding yourself suffering financially, now is the time to get a hold of your finances.  If you are suffering from debt and poor credit, consider seeking out a reputable credit repair company.  They can help you get your credit back on track and put you on a path to more financial security.


Five Tips For Building Long Lasting Business Relationships



Whether you have a small business or a large one, having healthy and long standing business relationships is essential to the success of your business.  Every single one of your customers should be thought of as a brand ambassador.  Someone who will grow into a lifelong client and will also invite others they know to do business with you.  Remember, there is no better source of business than referrals from satisfied customers.


If your business has been up and running for a while or you are just starting out, you want to know the best practices for building up your business relationships rolodex.


Here are five effective tips for building strong business relationships


Develop your social skills

Some people are naturals at meeting new people.  They have an outgoing personality and it comes easy to them.  Of course not everyone is an extrovert and you don’t necessarily need to be one either.  It is possible to develop great people skills with practice.


One key social skill that everyone should develop is the ability to be a good listener.  You have to be able to really focus on what the other person is saying so you can understand them.  This will lead to the other person feeling supported and valued which leads to a successful interaction.  You don’t want to be one of those people who dominate the conversation and the other person just sits listening waiting for their turn to speak.


A great communication skill to practice is active or reflective listening.  It is considered the most important listening skill we can develop.  With this type of listening, you show genuine interest in trying to understand what the other person is feeling, thinking and the thoughts they are trying to convey to you.  You want to check in with yourself to ensure you understand what they are trying to say prior to responding.  You then restate what you think their message was for verification.  This process is the cornerstone of active listening and why people find it so effective.


Another crucial part of developing strong business relationships is following up. If you meet someone who can potentially be a great business contact and you never talk to them again, the relationship stops in its tracks.  You need to get into the habit of always exchanging contact details with people you meet. What you do after this is key.  You don’t just want to throw that business card on your desk for it to get lost.


Keeping your business relationships organized is essential to moving your relationships forward.  You want to keep detailed information on all your contacts so you know important things like how you met, when your next communication is scheduled for, phone call notes, and any other important details.  This will help not only keep you in control, but your relationship will continue to grow with the other person.


Look for shared goals and values

In life, we generally seek out relationships with people we like and that we have similar goals and values with.  Are they positive, honest, helpful  and nice?  How are they with others?  Do they treat them with respect?   You want to really pay attention to how someone behaves. You may not share the same view point but having similar values is important for relationship building.  So the next time you meet a business associate, have your eyes and ears open.

Offer your experience and expertise

Trust is the number one thing that builds strong, long lasting business relationships. When you look inwards to see how you can offer up your own experience and expertise to help others, you are laying the foundation for trust. Give thought to all the ways you can share knowledge.  This can be a blog you write, creating content to share, speaking engagements, workshops etc.  These are all ways you are serving others.  If you are not currently doing any of these things, get started.   

You are most likely on social media (I hope).  Community platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all great places where you can engage with people and share your knowledge.  This is just another way you are helping and serving others.  

Come up with a shared ritual

In order to develop a business relationship that grows and is long lasting, you need to add human interaction into the mix.  A great way to do this is to come up with a ritual that both people would enjoy and take delight in.  Often this can be something simple like meeting for a cup of coffee. You can discuss business and chances are the conversation will naturally extend out to more personal talk.  This helps deepen and build the relationship even more.

Handle issues when they come up

Things in business don’t always go as planned.  Whether it’s a missed deadline or some other issue, it may seem easier to do what you can to avoid any awkward interactions.  This is exactly what you don’t want to do.  In business, avoiding an uncomfortable situation can mean the loss of business and that’s no small thing.


As uncomfortable as it may be, it is crucial that you pick up the phone the moment you know something is not going right.  It is during these times that communication is everything.  Get ahead of the situation and apologize and have an action plan to handle whatever it is that has gone wrong.  When a client sees that you face hard situations head on, the business relationship you have will strengthen and will keep that client around for the long haul.

Final thoughts

Building long lasting business relationships does not come easy for many but it essential to the growth and success of any business.  People naturally have a desire to build a connection with other people—people they want to work with and trust for the long term.


The above tips will help you plant the seed for a long and fruitful relationship with any individuals you do business with. Remember, there’s no substitute for the quality of your relationship.  It is what will keep your business thriving for years to come.

10 Steps To More Effective Team Management


Successfully managing a team is more than assigning tasks. You need the right interpersonal, organization and technical skills in order to be an effective team leader. The role of team manager is essential to the growth of the company so if this is your role, it is time to see where you can improve.


Here are 10 tips for more effective team management


1) Clear communication is vital

When you are managing a team, it is crucial that your team members are aware of ongoing projects, deadlines, goals etc.  For this reason, you need to be able to effectively communicate with them on these points.  On the flip side, you want your team to be able to openly provide feedback to you.  It is very important that they are made to feel comfortable in approaching you about any issues or suggestions they may have.

2) Build a good rapport with your team

The best kind of leader not only gets to know its team members on a professional level, but gets to know them on a personal level too.  What do they like to do in their spare time? Do they have a family?  What does their life look like?.  These are things to give thought to because people don’t want to feel like they are just there to bring profit to the company.  They want to know they are valued as individuals too.  Not only will this make them feel better about their role in the company but it will also push them to produce more for you.

3) Recognize good work

You never want to be one of those bosses who just walks around telling everyone what they need to be doing and what they are doing wrong.  When you see good work being done, acknowledge it with positive feedback.  This helps build confidence and encourages more involvement.

4) Be transparent

If your team sees you as this “untouchable” person who never makes a mistake and almost seems perfect, they are not going to feel comfortable being managed by you.  So if you are overwhelmed or feeling the pressure, vocalize it.  Ask for help when needed by delegating out tasks.  By showing your team you sometimes don’t have it all together, they will respect you more.

5) Be decisive

A great team leader is one who can make the right decision for the sake of the company and the team.  You can’t be flaky in a leadership role like this.  You have to stick to your guns.

6) Delegate tasks to the right people

Delegating tasks to the right people is essential as people are more engaged and do better when their own best skills are at use.  This is why getting to know each person on your team is key.  Know their strengths and weaknesses so you know where they will most shine. Not to mention productivity will go up.

7) Manage conflict the right way

Conflict among employees is something that should never be ignored.  Doing so will lead to a negative work environment and productivity goes down the tube.  When an issue is made known, handle it asap before it turns into something big.  Fairness is key when managing conflict, you may like certain employees more than others, but that can never show.  If people think you are favoring one over the other, they will lose respect for you as their leader and the work will suffer.

8) Be the example

Your staff looks to you as their guide and inspiration.  For this reason, it is key that you are always putting forth your best effort.  This means behaving professionally and working hard.  You are the example.  So if you want them to work hard, they need to see you working hard.

9) Use a team-based productivity software

In order for a team to be successful as a whole, you need to work together seamlessly.  In order to achieve that, you need to be using a team-based productivity software.  Your resources will all be centralized and you will be able to easily keep everyone updated with work progress. You will also be able to organize, schedule, and execute projects and business activity with ease.

10) Give autonomy

Micromanaging is a thing of the past.  Nowadays people want to feel empowered and have the freedom to make some decisions for themselves.  Not to mention employees that are more autonomous tend to stay on the job longer which reduces turnover costs.

Final thoughts

Effective team management goes far beyond doling out tasks to your team members. You need a number of qualities in order to be a well rounded leader.  The above tips will help you not only manage your team better but become more productive as a team.

7 Tips To Revive A Stale Real Estate Listing


As much as we want to have every property sell in record time, it just doesn’t always happen. As a real estate agent, you are bound to have some properties that are just slow to sell. This is usually due to price, condition and location. With that being said, there are ways to help combat against a stale listing.


Below Are 7 Ways To Revive A Stale Real Estate Listing


1. Create new listing photos

Coming up with a new gallery of images and videos is one of the key things you can do to help change your listing. Homebuyers have already seen the current images of the home many times and they will not look again. By posting new images you bring new life to your listing. When you are taking the new photos, make sure you are using the best real estate photography tips.

Now that you have new photos, you will need to make new real estate email flyers.  If you are not using them, they are a quick and effective tool for marketing your properties to both clients and other agents. With a click of a button your flyer is dispersed to your database.  Talk about being productive.

2. Create solutions for location problems

Although it may seem like you can’t do anything about the location of a property, there are some small ways to help the situation. If there is an issue with parking for example(driveway in bad condition or no driveway), you would want to see if there are any other designated areas for parking. Sometimes communities create small parking areas if there is not much room for extra cars to park. Just be sure to mention this in the listing description.

If you are dealing with a property that is not in a desirable area, the price of the property should be an incentive. Try and get a feel for why the homeowner chose this property for themselves. You can then use that information to come up with additional incentives to get buyers to see the property.
If the home looks neglected on the outside, have the owners do some simple landscaping. Adding little things like mulch and some plants can really add to the curb appeal without spending too much money.

3.Take the house off the market

When a house in on the market for a long time, people take notice. People of course assume that there is something wrong with the property. Take down the property from the MLS for a few weeks and really look at your listing. Is it the best it can be? Are all the key details in there? Are the images high quality? When a little time has passed, re-list the home and it will show as a new listing in searches and appear at the top.

4. Talk About Pricing

The price that is decided upon for a property is the most important factor in selling a home. If you have the home on the market for $400k and you know it is more like a $300k home, you need to sit down with the seller. This would be a good time to talk with your seller about lowering the price. You can even come up with some properties to show them that are in the $400k range so they can see the difference in what a home in that price range has to offer. Once they see this, they will be more flexible with the pricing.

5. Make Any Necessary Repairs

Maintenance is a very important aspect of selling a property. If the property was on the market during any seasonal changes, there could be some repairs or maintenance that should be done. The homeowners should continuously be checking their appliances, basement, ceilings and landscape to make sure they are all in good shape. If something does need attention, it should be addressed immediately. Summertime is a good time to take care of these changes.

6. Rethink room layouts

Go through the home and look at the layout of each room. Try and think how you can optimize the space. If you have not already, arrange the furniture so the room looks open and big. If you are working with small bedrooms, try switching out the bed for a smaller one and remove any excess furniture that is cluttering up the room. A simple adjustment to the layout may be all you need to attract the right buyer.

7. Introduce new colors

The paint color in the home is another feature people may get hung up on. If the house has been on the market for a while, it may need a fresh coat of paint. You may not need to do every room but you should do the prominent ones. Fresh paint will give a room a new clean feeling and it may even help the room look larger and more welcoming.


When you have a property listing that is just not selling, it is time to take a step back and see if there are any improvements that can be made to make the listing more attractive.  The above tips will help you freshen up your stale listing and on its way to attracting new buyers.

5 Tips For Growing Your Field Service Business In 2018



In order for any business to see growth and success, you need to employ the right strategies.  This many times means changes in how you run your business. The right changes can lead to a significant boost in your bottom line. If you are at a point where you are ready to take the next step with your field service business, then this article is for you.


Below are five effective tips for growing your field service business.


1. Hire the right people

In order to have a successful business, you have to hire the best people for the job.  You need to make sure your employees have the knowledge and professionalism to represent your company in the best light possible.  Ultimately, they are the face of your business and a key determining factor in whether customers will use your service in the future.

They say there are seven key important factors to keep in mind when hiring employees:   competency, capability, compatibility, commitment, character, culture, and compensation. Hire according to these and you will no doubt find the right employees.

2. Invest in Your Team

The field service industry is one that is greatly affected by people retiring and leaving the workforce.  This creates a skills gap and it should be addressed.  The best way to ensure that you are not one of the many companies affected by this, you should consider starting a mentoring program.  You would basically have those that plan on retiring pass on their skills and expertise to new workers.  This will help provide a seamless transition when the time comes for retirees to leave.

3. Communication is key

Poor communication within your company is a surefire way to see your business fail in many areas. It causes frustration among employees and upper management and is just a drain on company moral.  With that being said, there are some things you can do to combat any communication issues you have:

  • Have an anonymous suggestion box.
  • Have an open door policy with employees
  • Send out monthly newsletters so that employees stay in the know about major company news.

When the communication with your company is good, you will see a boost in productivity, a decrease in turnover rates and your customers will have a better experience with your business.  

4. Use the right software

Using the right field service management software plays a large role in the successful growth of your business.  The best software will provide you with everything you need to streamline all the different processes of your business.  From invoicing to expenditure reports, you will experience profitability and efficiency on all fronts.  It really is a must investment in order for you to see long term growth.

5. Have a marketing plan

Marketing is a big part of your business growth.  Everyone is online today researching options for new products and services. For this reason, it is vital that you have a robust internet presence.  This includes a branded website as well as profiles on any key social media networks.  This will help lend professional credibility to potential customers.

Here are some ideas to give your marketing a boost:

  • Have a system in place for requesting reviews and testimonials
  • Put together a reward program for those that take the time to write a review.
  • Run geo-targeted social ads.


Growing your field service business requires an investment of both your time and money.  But if you employ the above tips, you will be on your way to seeing positive business growth.


7 Effective Tips For Growing Your Shopify Store


Shopify is the platform of choice for many online retailers to use for their e-commerce business.  It is appealing to established retailers and small businesses alike since it offers enough features to satisfy the needs of both.

With that being said, there is quite a bit of competition and getting your business noticed as well as generating sales can be tough. There is no replacement for dedication and hard work but you definitely also need effective and practical tips for growing your Shopify store without draining your budget.

Below are seven effective ways to help grow your Shopify store.

1. Have a mobile app for your store

This one can potentially double the traffic to your store.  At one point In time, desktop computers accounted for the majority of online traffic.  Fast forward to now and the majority of traffic is coming from mobile devices. So, without a mobile app, you are automatically losing out on half of the opportunities to engage and convert potential customers.

Here are just a few of the benefits of outfitting your Shopify for mobile devices:

  • Visitors shopping via their mobile device are less likely to bounce away.
  • A better overall customer experience where they will be able to add items to their cart via their mobile device and make the purchase via their desktop computer later on.
  • Your store will potentially rank for mobile queries on Google.
  • If paid ads are a part of your marketing plan, you will be able to test how well mobile users are converting.

2. Sell a variety of products

This tip is pretty straightforward but it is one hundred percent true. If you want to increase your revenue, sell more products.  The idea here though is not to sell everything under the sun.  Amazon has that one covered.  You want to offer a variety of items that fit in with your brand.  As an example, if you sell sunglasses, you may want to add hats and watches to your inventory.  Being that the items are complementary, people will most likely buy the additional products increasing your average order amount.

Having more products also gives you the opportunity to create broader categories which lends itself

to driving more traffic from SEO.

Here are some ways to help you determine additional products to sell:

  • Google different product categories to see what ads appear first in the shopping tab.
  • Create a fake Facebook account and go to stores that are similar to yours and see which ads pop up in your newsfeed. If a certain product is showing up, you know that it is doing well.
  • Go on to Amazon and Ebay and see who the top sellers are in your category.

3. Focus on customer retention

The majority of sales you receive will be coming from previous customers.  For this reason, focusing on customer retention is much more cost effective than trying to acquire new customers.

Here are some effective ways to improve your retention:

  • Send out regular email communication. This will help keep your business engaged and top of mind with customers.  Think sales announcements and birthday messages.
  • Use Exit OffersThis app has a pop-up that appears with a special promotion if customers start to navigate away from your store. A  one-time-use coupon or free shipping will do the trick and you will  keep revenue you would have otherwise lost to an abandoning customer.
  • Try re-targeting. With this, you are basically placing a cookie in the person’s browser with info about the product they were looking at.  This will then follow them around the internet and show up as ads via Facebook or Adwords in the hopes that by reminding them, they will come back and make a purchase.
  • Send out an a birthday email message or coupon.
  • Try repeat customer discounts and giveaways.

4. Build an Email list

A great way to make your marketing strategy more productive is to build a strong email list.  Email marketing is great since you can send out a message anytime you want and you don’t have to rely on traffic from Google etc.  If you do not have an email list compiled yet, you will have to start collecting them.  This can be achieved via a pop up on your site, like the ones you see when you visit your favorite store and a pop up opens asking for your email address in order to receive a coupon.  Once you have set up a way to collect email addresses and you have gathered valuable content, you will be on your way to having what you need to send out email marketing campaigns.

5. Your content should be optimized for ecommerce

Content Marketing is key when it comes to promoting interest in a brand. With that being said, when it comes to e-commerce, you want to focus on certain types of content in order for it to be effective:

  • Video content:  Most people are apt to buy a product after watching a relevant video and that number goes up with product videos since they use these to help with a purchasing decision.  Combine this with the fact that videos are a significant source of web traffic in general and you have every reason you need to start pushing video in your marketing mix.
  • Product descriptions: Your product descriptions can be really helpful with boosting your conversion rates as well as your SEO and page shares. The key is to do them properly and in an engaging manner.
  • Images: They are a key component of your store and the better the images the more sales you are likely to get.  Furthermore, if you have images of your product in use, it is great to include those as well.
  • Product reviews and testimonials: Recommending products to past customers is a great revenue booster. You can recommend products based on previous purchases via email.  You can also share testimonials on your social media accounts which will help build trust among customers.

6. Storytelling

Your store’s success depends not only on your products but the connection you have with your customers. People tend to buy from companies that they connect with on a more personal level and the content you put out is how you get your story out there. Whether it’s through blogging or vlogging, finding ways to tell your story to your customers will provide a major boost to the potential growth of your brand.

7. Incorporate interactive content

Quizzes are one of the simplest ways to get started with interactive content.  They have a very high percentage of shares and people love to take them.  For these reasons, they are a great way to boost organic traffic and sales to your store.  If you do make one, and you should, be sure to share it on social media and embed it on your web page. You also want to make sure that the quizzes lead into some call to action that encourages them to buy from you.  The call to action should tie in to the quiz in order for it to be successful.

7 Must Have Tools For Social Media Managers


As a Social Media Manager, your to do list is long.  When it comes to social media marketing we can all use as much help as possible and having the right tools at our disposal is key to having a successful marketing strategy.

Below are seven must have tools every social media manager should be using to save time and maximize efforts.


Tailwind helps solely with Pinterest marketing efforts. It helps you with calendar scheduling, pinning to multiple boards and bulk uploads.  It also helps you figure out when are the best times to send your pins for optimal engagement.  If you are an agency with multiple accounts, Tailwind helps with seamless management of those as well.


The ultimate tool for custom social media content creation for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a business, you provide information about your product/service and target audience. U.S. based freelance writers will then take your unique profile information and come up with specialized social media updates.  You review the content and schedule when you would like it go out.  This service really is a game changer and you will be amazed by how much time it frees up to be more productive in other areas.


Tweepi is a powerful management tool for Twitter. Their “Flush” option makes it possible to see who is not following you from the followers you follow. On the flip side,  The “Reciprocate” option lets you see who is following you but you are not following back. And lastly the “Cleanup” option lets you see everyone you are following so you can easily unfollow whomever you want.


Getting real time feedback on what people are saying about your brand is priceless information. Brand24 provides you with just that as well as what is happening with your competition.  You will then be able to promptly respond to any positive or negative feedback you receive across all your social-media platforms. This will ensure you stay engaged with your audience as well as effectively assess any opportunities for a sale.

Adobe Post

This super easy to use photo editor lets you apply filters, add text, resize, crop and rotate any photo. They have an extensive library of images or you can choose one of your own.  Making beautiful images has never been this easy. The other great part is that it’s free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides users with detailed reporting and analytics tools with regards to visitors to your website and what they do once they are there. Everything from how many visitors to how long they stayed to what pages they viewed and for how long, are just some of the helpful features this tool offers. This type of insight helps you focus your social media efforts toward those endeavors that are generating traffic and conversions.


With KnowEm you can search over 500 popular social media networks for the use of your product, brand, personal name or username. This allows you to claim your name and secure your brand.





Top 5 Tips For Reducing Customer Churn

When we talk about customer churn it really boils down to determining why customers leave and what you can do to get them to stay. Customer churn can be anything from service cancellations, closing of an account, failure to renew etc. No business wants this, but every business experiences it and it’s completely normal. The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s totally preventable with the right strategies.

Below we will share 5 great tips on how to help your business reduce its customer churn rate and in turn boost customer retention.

1.  Stay proactive

Customer service has a very negative perception across all industries. Customers will often let issues go unresolved rather than make that call. This is a very big problem for many companies. Some reports suggest that upwards of 90% of customers churn without ever complaining and the company is left to wonder why they are losing customers.

The Solution is to be proactive and and start asking questions. See what kind of experience they are having with your company and if they need help. Customers are also great for getting suggestions on how to better your service. One great way to find out how things are going is by using customer surveys. This is a great way to measure customer loyalty and help you make any improvements. This is something to incorporate on an ongoing basis. Every 30 days, 90 days, 6 months etc. Having specific feedback at these intervals will help you see what the fall off points are when loyalty and customer satisfaction start to decrease.  Find out more info on using customer surveys here:

2. Turn to SAAS businesses that can help reduce churn

Statistics are very clear in that increasing your customer retention by a mere 5% can yield from 5 to 95% in increased profits. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses are implementing a churn reduction strategy. Remember, customer acquisition will cost you much more than customer retention.  This is where looking at a SAAS provider that can help you reduce customer churn can be a lifesaver for retaining those important customer relationships. is a great option, as it assists you in helping users right before they are about to delete their account with your business. They equip you with a customizable iFrame (HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website), which is then embedded in your app at the point where account deletion would take place. Instead of only offering an option to delete your account, they provide users with other helpful options such as: pause billing, extend trial period, get a discount and more.  They even help you track feedback which is key to improving your service and reducing future churn.

3. Always find out why customers leave and learn from it

There is always a reason why customers end up cancelling a service. They may want to see how a competitor might be a better fit or they are no longer in need of your services. The easiest way to navigate this and gain some valuable knowledge is to ask why they are leaving.   Incorporate a drop down menu with pre-populated reasons as to why they are leaving (i.e. unhappy with service, too costly, no longer need service etc) With that being said, it is helpful to also allow room for them to express in their own words why they are leaving. These details are not only helpful in bettering your products and retention efforts, but they may also win you some customers back.

4. Show your customers you appreciate them

Businesses work hard to provide the right service and products that consumers want, but they often fall short on strategies to retain those customers.  Customer appreciation is key to customer retention. People want to know their business is valued.

Here are a few simple ways to show your valuable customers you appreciate them:

  • Act on any feedback you receive.  Adding new features or services that customers suggest goes a long way.
  • Incentives are great.  Loyalty programs help boost repeat purchases and keep your business at the forefront of their mind
  • Say Thank You. It goes a long way.  Whether in an email or letter.

For more ideas on ways to show your customers appreciation, check out this article:

5. Get granular to find out what types of customers churn.

Not all customers are created equal, so if you can figure out those that have a higher chance of churning, you can shift your focus to customer retention efforts.  As an example,  look into calculating what the customer churn rate is for various advertising mediums or product lines. It may become evident that customers who signed up via a PPC have a higher churn rate than those who reach you through a 3rd party.  With this knowledge, you can then make the appropriate adjustments to where your marketing dollars are going.

In conclusion, churn is the last thing a company wants, but it’s inevitable.  The key is to learn from each lost customer and use that knowledge to better your retention efforts, switch up your offerings and nail your feedback initiatives.

4 Must Do Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

When you are a real estate agent, productivity and execution are key.  You really are like a small business owner and the right marketing can take your business to the next level.  Executed properly, key marketing ideas can give agents/brokers that much needed advantage over the competition.  The right ideas can generate more leads and make it much simpler to turn those leads into clients.


Below are 4 great marketing tips that can make you the consummate agent in your area.

Your website and emails must be mobile friendly

Everything media related has really moved online.  Majority of people are checking emails and viewing websites on a mobile device.  Your emails must be formatted so that they are easy to read and your website must be mobile friendly as well.  If you are not doing this already, that must be top priority.  Nothing will turn off prospective clients faster than a website that cannot be viewed properly on their phone or other mobile device.  For more tips on how to make your site mobile friendly, check out this article:

Real Estate email flyers are key to your marketing plan

Real estate email flyers are a simple and effective tool for wide scale marketing of your properties to both clients and other agents.  I love using Flyerus.  They have a robust email flyer template gallery and you can customize to your liking.  What you may not know,  is that real estate email flyers are also a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website. The key to this is through search engine optimization.  You can achieve this by utilizing the same linking tactics, keywords and any other SEO techniques you use to get traffic to your site, Facebook page, blog etc.  Before you know it, your flyers will be an essential component to your online presence as well as a key tool for boosting your rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Enhance your listings by incorporating photos and videos

People love beautiful and interesting listings.  They also love to see them up close and personal. If you have a property with some great features like a gorgeous entryway, a stunning exterior, or even a swoon worthy master bathroom, show that off through photo and video.  The photos and videos can be posted to your social media pages and on your website.  Up-to-the-minute updates like this can gain you traction with new clients especially if you are using hashtags.

Time to get social

Social media is key to growing your brand and your following.  Start off by creating a consistent content schedule and you will see your reach grow.  Try posting links to your blog, or helpful articles, funny memes or quotes as well as info about your business.  Be sure not to make your posts too promotional as that will turn your followers off.  The key to winning them over is to post valuable information, engage with your followers, follow them back and make certain to also comment and like their posts.  For more tips on how to conquer social media, check out this article from RISMedia:

Marketing your listings takes both time and effort and a lot of trial and error.  Put aside time each day to hone your marketing strategies.  Give the above tips a try and good luck!

5 tips to better management of your landscaping business

Managing a landscaping business is no easy feat.  Whether you have 5 employees or 500,  there is quite a lot to remember and think about.  From managing your crew to dealing with the challenges of having your own business, there is plenty to juggle.

Below are some key tips to try to help you better manage your landscaping business.

Using a Landscaping Business Management Software is key to streamlining your business

Look into implementing a business management system

When it is just you running the business, it’s simple to track estimates, invoicing, expenses etc. on good old pen and paper. But if you are trying to expand and grow your business, this old-school way of doing things just isn’t going to cut it.  If you have not already, look into implementing a business management software.  Choosing the right software is key to boosting efficiency and getting your business streamlined.  Scapersoft, designed by lawn care professionals for lawn care professionals, has all of the essential project and internal management functions you need to run a successful operation.

Find good help

I am sure you have heard the saying “a business is only as good as its workers”.  When it comes to the landscaping business, this is even more true.  More times than not, your employees will be the face of your business and the main person meeting potential customers who are looking to hire your company for a job. First impressions are everything, so you want to make sure that you are employing workers you can really trust. You want to make certain potential hires are solid, reliable people with strong references and commitment. It only takes a few bad hires to badly tarnish your brand, so make sure to properly vet candidates and consider doing a trial period in which they can prove themselves.

Make sure your crew and new hires are properly trained

An employee who is not properly trained will often not know what to do next and will end up squandering time and waiting for direction.  By properly training each member of your crew, you will evade precious time lost that ends up leading to inefficiency.  Basic training should consist of thorough and complete instruction on how to use equipment, how to complete on the job tasks and any landscaping knowledge (i.e. plant types) that may be necessary.

Implement preventive maintenance.

As with many service industries, the equipment you use as a landscaping business will more than likely be your biggest expense and in turn one of your biggest assets . You want to make sure you guard that investment by employing a strong preventative maintenance plan. Regularly get the oil and brakes checked on your vehicles and if your equipment shows any sign of something wrong, take it in right away.  The more quickly you take care of any issues, the less impact those repairs will have to your bottom line.

GPS tracking should be installed on all of your vehicles

For landscaping companies, installing GPS tracking on work vehicles is key for many reasons. From overall greater insight to business operations to doing away with cushioned time sheets and inefficient driving routes, these awesome tools will provide you with a way to survey routes, keep track of employee time on jobs, cut down on fuel usage and improve productivity.  And who couldn’t use more of that.



Find Quality Computer Repair in your Area

Knowing where to find a quality Computer Repair technician is key to saving you time and money.

Computer Repair

Being proactive and keeping your computer system running smooth is key to preventing future “high tech aches and pains”.

However, there are times that no matter what you do, disaster will strike, You may find yourself in the position of needing to call upon someone to repair your computer.

Using Local Search

Using local search providers such as Yelp, YP and Google can help steer you in the right direction. Please just be aware that they usually put their paying customers listed first. In addition, many businesses spend a great deal of time posting “fake” reviews on these sites to further help mislead potential customers.

Beware of Fake Reviews

Unfortunately the practice of posting “fake” reviews is becoming ore prevalent as time goes on.

Use to help you identify which reviews to ignore.

The first step you should take when looking for a local computer repair technician is to reach out to a friend or neighbor for a referral.

Even if they do not know who you should call for computer help, they may have information that can help you know who not to call!

After you’ve narrowed down your list of computer repair companies in your area, give them a call and feel them out. Believe it or not, much knowledge can be gained by speaking to some one for even a couple minutes.

With computers, it’s key to find a trust worthy person! Someone who is trustworthy is often someone who is willing to spend time with you.

If after speaking them, you get even the slightest odd feeling, move on!

As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

If you happen to live in the area of Coral Springs or Parkland, FL, I can safely recommend the Friendly Computer Guru.

I have had personal experience with them, and would definitely recommend them for any computer repair need.



How To Achieve Success As a Real Estate Agent

Using a flyer maker like Flyerco gives you that extra edge in becoming a successful agent

Let’s start out with hard facts.  Most of the real estate agents out there aren’t as successful as they thought they would be. A small percentage of agents handle the majority of closings.  So how can you better those odds? A great way to begin is with how you are marketing your real estate.  Using a flyer maker is a great way to showcase your properties.  I love using Flyerco for creating my flyers.  They allow you to not only create but share and print beautiful flyers.  They offer a ton of flyer templates to choose from as well.  Some other key tips to improve your game are identifying your personality strengths, continue learning each day and be prepared to work harder than your competition. The payoff is well worth it. The top real estate agents get the enjoyment out of helping clients attain their dreams, and in return they receive top dollar.

Flyer maker

Flyer Maker Tools

Learn how to brand and market yourself

Know your personality. Real estate is not everyone’s thing, and personality traits are just as important as your educational background.  You need to be a self-starter who is up for taking risks and isn’t afraid of change.  In real estate you have your highs and your lows and you have to be able to ride out the storm sometimes. Aside from that, it also doesn’t hurt to have a pleasant personality and lots of enthusiasm for the job.

Develop great verbal skills. Closing that deal requires the ability to explain all the jargo in layman-friendly terms. Presentations are also a major part of being a real estate agent so start practicing in front of the mirror!

Learn how to negotiate like a pro. The best real estate agents use the power of persuasion to motivate clients to make or accept reasonable offers. You have to understand needs and wants and be ready for any counteroffer.  Being prepared in advance is key.

Get an education.  Consider earning a four-year undergraduate degree. A college education isn’t essential but it does increase your chances of success greatly.

Flyer templates are a great way to showcase your properties

Last but most certainly not least, market your real estate effectively. In today’s ever-changing real estate market it is essential for agents to cut back on their marketing costs, while, at the same time, improving their brand and productivity.  One great way to achieve this is by incorporating real estate flyer templates when marketing your property listings. Real estate flyer templates are pre-designed marketing flyers that you can customize with your images and text.  Like I said earlier, I love using Flyerco as my flyer maker.  I get beautiful flyers every time and my closing percentages are steadily rising!   Time for me to sign off and get out their selling.

Real Estate Email Marketing

In addition to creating and printing flyers, it’s also a great strategy to incorporate real estate email marketing. Utizling websites such as and are great choices when decided to blast your email out to other realtors in your market


How to Post on Instagram and Save Time Doing it

So I would like to start off saying that I am a planner.  I love to plan ahead for everything and anything.  I’d like to share with you my thoughts on how to post on Instagram and other top social media sites.

As a blogger, my ultimate dream is to be able to not just plan out tomorrow’s update but even next month’s or dare I say next year!  As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. I am a firm believer in this and the idea that scheduling your social media content in advance is very much worth it.

Scheduling posts and updates to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter saves you valuable time

Whether you are a blogger like me or any other marketer, having a presence on social media is key to making your mark in the online world.  Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become a key marketing space for businesses small and large.  Marketing online can be time consuming.  I often struggle with when and what to share with my audience let alone sharing it in real time.  Many are overwhelmed by the process and are looking for ideas on how to make the process easier.

This is where I would like to circle back to scheduling out your posts.

What is the best method on how to post on instagram?

A small exercise that will yield great return in both time and energy.  Just think how great it would be to create your posts and updates all at once.  Even better, you can schedule them to be released at your desired time.  This proves to be very valuable if your key target audience is in a different time zone, or if you want to post at a specific hour. 

Scheduling your social media posts leads to consistency and deeper audience engagement

How awesome would it be to just be able to log on to your social media accounts for 10 minutes in the AM and 10 minutes in the PM.  This would give you just enough time to connect with your audience and make new connections.  Now that is what I call a productive day.  Scheduling your posts not only saves you time but promotes consistency. Posting consistently helps ensure your social media profiles remain active and engaged with your audience.  If saving time and being more consistent doesn’t get you excited to start planning, these added benefits of scheduling your posts will.  Extend the lifespan of your posts and updates.  The ability to create a custom schedule and spread out your posts. And last but certainly not least, the ability to use that new found extra time doing something else you love!  

So now I move on to the exciting stuff.  A brief intro to my favorite tool that is going to take your social media presence to the next level!

Autogrammer:  One of the best tools for managing all your social media in one place and especially to post on Instagram

how to post on instagram

Now let’s move onto THE tool that is going to get you freed up.  Autogrammer, one of the best tools to use when posting on Instagram.  Autogrammer features a multitude of time-saving benefits.  Some of these include the ability to post to multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can schedule for posting at a future date and time. You can conveniently manage multiple social media accounts from one place.  They offer an easy to use yet powerful photo editor that allows you to easily crop, apply filters, rotate, fix colors and more on the fly.  And last but not least, you can instantly bulk upload images.  Autogrammer is such a great time-saving tool but what I love most is it allows you to do all this in one place; you don’t have to use different apps or programs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post on how to post on Instagram and save much needed time with the best scheduling tool out there…!


All About Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

skin careMany people think that when they are young, they do not have to take care of their skin because until they are much older, it does not matter. But the way you take care of your skin now will affect you greatly in later life. How our skin stands the test of time is somewhat genetic predisposition, but the lines and wrinkles could be significantly reduced by ensuring you hydrated, drink plenty of water and avoid exposure excessive sun. Using proper anti-aging skin care products now can help you greatly in the future.

The sun is particularly harmful and exposure can put you at great risk of suffering from skin cancer. Remember, you’re never too young to protect your skin. You can enjoy the benefits of taking care of your skin when you are older, little effort you put into your skin when you were younger, will show outside.

Moisturizer and water for your skin

It is very important to invest in a good moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.

  • Even oily skin needs to be moist well as dry skin tends to wrinkle and line much faster and sooner than someone with an exceptionally oily skin.
  • Dry skin is also more likely to be very sensitive to winter cold can make chapped skin, sore and inflamed and can lead to other skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.
  • Cracked skin also has the potential to harbor germs and bacteria that lead to infection.

We all know the importance of drinking water, it flushes out all the toxins and waste from the skin, leaving it soft, radiant and youthful. However, we must not neglect our skin on the outside, it needs a certain amount of moisture to maintain its elasticity and flexibility which is why the use of cleanser and moisturizer are so important.

Skin toner works well to remove impurities and tighten pores, even if some of them can be very abrasive on the skin should be used sparingly and should not be used around the eye area.

Healthy lifestyle

If you happen to suffer from acne or other skin diseases, it is important to get treating acne especially when it is at its worst:

  • can leave permanent scars,
  • hyper-pigmentation,
  • not to mention a lot of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes, healthy eating and lifestyle is not always enough to erase some skin disorders. Stress can also be an important factor, but it is important to seek help when necessary so that problems can be nipped in the bud before they progress.

Restoring Your Identity After Credit Card Theft

shredding documentsWhen an impostor steals driver’s license number, Social Security number, name & address, or even medical insurance account numbers, with an aim of impersonating themselves, you are at a great risk. This is a serious crime, however, committed at a very high rate nowadays. Such information could be utilized to obtain services, merchandise, or credit in the victim’s name, or even to give a thief false credentials. An impostor can as well identify him/herself falsely to the authorities, leaving outstanding warrants of arrest or creating criminal records for the victim. It is very important to understand what to do after becoming an Identity theft victim.

How to Restore Your Identity

Save yourself from further harm by acting fast. Follow the steps below:

Call a credit reporting company and request for the initial fraud alert. This lasts for ninety days. An initial fraud alert can help stop any individual trying to set up a credit account under your name. A fraud alert informs businesses that they have to contact you prior to giving a person credit in your name. An initial fraud alert should be used if you suspect that your identity has been stolen. The other two fraud alert types include extended and active duty fraud alerts. An extended fraud alert should be used if you are sure that your identity was stolen. It lasts for 7 years. An active duty fraud alert will last up to a year. It should be used by one who is deployed or in the military.

Request for a credit report from all three credit reporting companies. The crediting reporting company is going to create your credit report. The company collects your information as well as that of your credit history. You will get a free report if your identity was stolen. You require copies of the 3 credit reports to help you see if anyone tried opening other accounts under your name or if they purchased items using your credit cards. The 3 main credit reporting companies include Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Create the identity theft report to assist you in proving that you have been a victim. Such a report is created using information a victim gives to the government as well as the police. In other words, it is the victim’s statement of the occurrence. The report will list the changes you didn’t make, as well as the accounts that aren’t yours. It will as well assist you in fixing your credit report and settling your accounts. It helps stop others from making you pay for money spent by the identity thief.

To create an Identity theft report, complain to FTC and print the complaint’s copy (Identity Theft Affidavit). File a report with the police about the matter. You must bring with you the ID Theft Affidavit, which assists the police to write the report. Have your FTC ID theft Affidavit attached to the police report. This way you have your Identity Theft Report.

Buying A Puppy Shampoo

sick dogUnlike humans, animal have hairs on their whole body so a good quality shampoo is required for pets in order to wash their hair and make them clean. There are so many shampoos available in the market for a puppy. Just like ourselves, we should choose a shampoo of good quality for our pets. The shampoo used for washing his hair should be mixed with a good quality oil because it will prevent the irritation and scratching of the skin. The frequency of giving a bath depends upon the breed and the activities of the dog. Dogs spend a lot of time out of the home and a huge amount of dirt and dust particles get stuck in their hair, so to wash them with a good shampoo is very essential for the health and appearance of your dog. Here is one of our recommended shampoos for pets. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a shampoo:

  • The shampoo should be made of protein-rich substances because proteins are essential for hair growth and shine.
  • The shampoo should contain a pleasant scent so you too enjoy your dog’s smell after bath time (just avoid artificial fragrances).
  • Check for harmful substances that may have been added in the preparation of the shampoo that should be avoided.
  • The shampoo that is being used for a puppy should be environmentally friendly. Natural ingredients like oatmeal and neem are beneficial because it will help them tolerate all environmental effects and will protect the dog’s skin from irritation.
  • The shampoo should contain deodorizing substances because these will prevent your dog from carrying that “dog smell” people often associate with pets.
  • The pH of the shampoo should be neutral because a shampoo that is too acidic or too basic will be dangerous for your dog’s health and hair. A dog’s skin is very close to a neutral PH shampoo.
  • The shampoo contains mild cleansing substances in it. Hypoallergenic substances should be be used only because it will prevent the dog from irritation.
  • Never use human shampoo for a dog because the pH, acidity and cleansing effect of human shampoo varies from a dog shampoo.

Should You Invest in a Kitchen Remodel?

great looking kitchenRemodeling anything can be mind boggling especially when it comes to your kitchen. A remodel to a kitchen can be very stressful because it effects your entire life as you are no longer able to cook and clean in your own kitchen during the remodel making it something that you want to get done fast and efficiently with the best possible results. Thus when to picking out new counter tops and cabinets its important to get it right the first time as you want the very best for your kitchen but at the very best price.

So before you hit the stores sit down or look around your house and think about what it is that you desire to be in your kitchen as far as kitchen cabinets and counter tops go. So look around and find what colors are in your house and then decide what colors would be best for your home in order to match the rest of your house as you want everything to go together versus your kitchen sticking out like a sore thumb.

After colors are picked out the next thing is to decide on material that you want in your kitchen. For cabinets there are the standard woods but along with that there are synthetic materials and even bamboo that is now available. Now when looking at synthetic or bamboo you need to take in several considerations one they are more environmentally friendly but they are more expensive.

Then looking at the bamboo you have to consider that it is softer material and thus can get dents a lot easier than other woods or materials while other materials may be stronger than normal wood.

But then there is the counter top with that there is so many materials and colors for each one so in the end it just depends on what color it is that you want and what do you want it to look like and then of course what your budget it for the remodel as you naturally want to stay within budget. Picking out new counter tops and cabinets can be stressful especially if not doing it yourself as then you have extra costs but with each there are coupons and specials out there if you look so it is still possible to get your dream kitchen on a dream budget depending on what you want and how much you are willing to look.


Four Benefits of Getting Credit Repair Help

credit disputeCredit repair help is necessary if you think your credit report may have incorrect information.  According to the National Association of State Public Interest Research Group, 79% of all credit reports contain errors. This is an important statistic since many credit report errors can really damage your credit score. For this reason, it is very important that you access your free credit report every year.  It will take a little bit of time, but go thoroughly through your report to check for errors. The sooner you find any mistakes, the sooner your credit can get back on track.

There are many companies that offer credit repair services.  The key is to find one that is both reputable and has good reviews.

Benefits of receiving help from credit repair companies

  1. You will increase your chances of being approved for loans and other lines of credit

There are some lenders who will take into consideration your credit score before they will approve your loan. If you have poor credit, you can expect higher interest rates on everything from loans to credit cards. More importantly, depending on how poor your credit is, you can be denied altogether. If you want to improve your chances of getting approved the next time you apply for a loan, starting the credit repair process and bringing your credit score back into good standing is the place to start.

  1. It will be easier for you to secure employment

There are some jobs where the employers will take into consideration your credit score before they will employ you. Therefore, taking the time to improve your credit score will help your chances of securing employment in the future.

  1. You will be able to rent stress free

Some landlords will hesitate to rent to people who have poor credit. As you begin to go through the credit repair process, you will increase your chances of being approved the next time you go to rent a place.

4. They know the laws

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the federal laws surrounding credit is key to successfully seeking credit repair. For this reason, many people choose to enlist credit repair services for correcting errors on their credit report. Credit professionals know these laws and can leverage these laws in your favor. Furthermore, a reputable credit repair company will be both familiar and compliant with specific laws like:

Safeguard Your Personal Information to Assist in Preventing Identity Theft

cyber securityIdentity theft continues to run rapid in the United States. Nearly 15 million residents have had their identity stolen totaling in excess of 50 million dollars in financial losses. Thieves are seeking out information on the young and old, and individuals and businesses in attempt to gain financial gain.

Just The Facts

These criminals are looking for information from credit, debit, checking, and savings accounts but have also expanded out to other financial information such as cell phones, cable, water, gas, and electric service. All in, the average loss of an identity theft comes in at $3,500, while it takes over 25 hours to recover from the theft after going through the red tape to correct your credit bureaus.  Here’s some more interesting identity theft statistics that you may find interesting (courtesy of

The consequence one entails when identity theft is committed includes damaged credit, and loss of funds in a checking or savings account. Unfortunately, though the number of instances of identity theft continues to rise, the actual number of perpetrators prosecuted is minimal. The identity theft criminal many times focus in on children and the elderly.

Child ID Theft

Early on children do not have a need for credit, yet the social security number is sought after by the criminal. The criminal utilizes the social security number to obtain credit which permits them the opportunity to defraud creditors. More than ever, it is important for parents to periodically run a credit report on their children to make certain this does not happen. By doing so, children down the road will not have any issues arise when attempting to secure financial aid for college, purchase an automobile or cell phone, and be certain their background check will come back clean when applying for employment.

Seniors are a target of the identity thief. Many seniors do not have a need to open a line a credit in their later years, and consequently, may not run a credit bureau to check to see if fraud has been committed. Many seniors fall victims of scams via mailings and phone contacts. For example, some offer to complete their tax work or claim to be lottery officials. Namely, the thief is looking for anything to obtain some personal information in order to open up a line of credit in the unsuspected senior’s name for financial gain.

Running a free credit report yearly is one step to monitor that one has not stolen your identity. In addition, properly safeguarding your personal information will assist as well. Secure and properly dispose of your incoming and outgoing mail. Identity thieves look for credit card offers, paychecks, phone and utility bills, medical bills, and insurance information. Invest in a post office box in order to keep your mail from getting stolen, and always make certain that your mail, receipts, and any other important documents with your personal information is destroyed using a cross-cut shedder.