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4 Must Do Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

When you are a real estate agent, productivity and execution are key.  You really are like a small business owner and the right marketing can take your business to the next level.  Executed properly, key marketing ideas can give agents/brokers that much needed advantage over the competition.  The right ideas can generate more leads and make it much simpler to turn those leads into clients.


Below are 4 great marketing tips that can make you the consummate agent in your area.

Your website and emails must be mobile friendly

Everything media related has really moved online.  Majority of people are checking emails and viewing websites on a mobile device.  Your emails must be formatted so that they are easy to read and your website must be mobile friendly as well.  If you are not doing this already, that must be top priority.  Nothing will turn off prospective clients faster than a website that cannot be viewed properly on their phone or other mobile device.  For more tips on how to make your site mobile friendly, check out this article:

Real Estate email flyers are key to your marketing plan

Real estate email flyers are a simple and effective tool for wide scale marketing of your properties to both clients and other agents.  I love using Flyerus.  They have a robust email flyer template gallery and you can customize to your liking.  What you may not know,  is that real estate email flyers are also a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website. The key to this is through search engine optimization.  You can achieve this by utilizing the same linking tactics, keywords and any other SEO techniques you use to get traffic to your site, Facebook page, blog etc.  Before you know it, your flyers will be an essential component to your online presence as well as a key tool for boosting your rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Enhance your listings by incorporating photos and videos

People love beautiful and interesting listings.  They also love to see them up close and personal. If you have a property with some great features like a gorgeous entryway, a stunning exterior, or even a swoon worthy master bathroom, show that off through photo and video.  The photos and videos can be posted to your social media pages and on your website.  Up-to-the-minute updates like this can gain you traction with new clients especially if you are using hashtags.

Time to get social

Social media is key to growing your brand and your following.  Start off by creating a consistent content schedule and you will see your reach grow.  Try posting links to your blog, or helpful articles, funny memes or quotes as well as info about your business.  Be sure not to make your posts too promotional as that will turn your followers off.  The key to winning them over is to post valuable information, engage with your followers, follow them back and make certain to also comment and like their posts.  For more tips on how to conquer social media, check out this article from RISMedia:

Marketing your listings takes both time and effort and a lot of trial and error.  Put aside time each day to hone your marketing strategies.  Give the above tips a try and good luck!