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7 Must Have Tools For Social Media Managers


As a Social Media Manager, your to do list is long.  When it comes to social media marketing we can all use as much help as possible and having the right tools at our disposal is key to having a successful marketing strategy.

Below are seven must have tools every social media manager should be using to save time and maximize efforts.


Tailwind helps solely with Pinterest marketing efforts. It helps you with calendar scheduling, pinning to multiple boards and bulk uploads.  It also helps you figure out when are the best times to send your pins for optimal engagement.  If you are an agency with multiple accounts, Tailwind helps with seamless management of those as well.


The ultimate tool for custom social media content creation for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a business, you provide information about your product/service and target audience. U.S. based freelance writers will then take your unique profile information and come up with specialized social media updates.  You review the content and schedule when you would like it go out.  This service really is a game changer and you will be amazed by how much time it frees up to be more productive in other areas.


Tweepi is a powerful management tool for Twitter. Their “Flush” option makes it possible to see who is not following you from the followers you follow. On the flip side,  The “Reciprocate” option lets you see who is following you but you are not following back. And lastly the “Cleanup” option lets you see everyone you are following so you can easily unfollow whomever you want.


Getting real time feedback on what people are saying about your brand is priceless information. Brand24 provides you with just that as well as what is happening with your competition.  You will then be able to promptly respond to any positive or negative feedback you receive across all your social-media platforms. This will ensure you stay engaged with your audience as well as effectively assess any opportunities for a sale.

Adobe Post

This super easy to use photo editor lets you apply filters, add text, resize, crop and rotate any photo. They have an extensive library of images or you can choose one of your own.  Making beautiful images has never been this easy. The other great part is that it’s free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides users with detailed reporting and analytics tools with regards to visitors to your website and what they do once they are there. Everything from how many visitors to how long they stayed to what pages they viewed and for how long, are just some of the helpful features this tool offers. This type of insight helps you focus your social media efforts toward those endeavors that are generating traffic and conversions.


With KnowEm you can search over 500 popular social media networks for the use of your product, brand, personal name or username. This allows you to claim your name and secure your brand.