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Buying A Puppy Shampoo

sick dogUnlike humans, animal have hairs on their whole body so a good quality shampoo is required for pets in order to wash their hair and make them clean. There are so many shampoos available in the market for a puppy. Just like ourselves, we should choose a shampoo of good quality for our pets. The shampoo used for washing his hair should be mixed with a good quality oil because it will prevent the irritation and scratching of the skin. The frequency of giving a bath depends upon the breed and the activities of the dog. Dogs spend a lot of time out of the home and a huge amount of dirt and dust particles get stuck in their hair, so to wash them with a good shampoo is very essential for the health and appearance of your dog. Here is one of our recommended shampoos for pets. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a shampoo:

  • The shampoo should be made of protein-rich substances because proteins are essential for hair growth and shine.
  • The shampoo should contain a pleasant scent so you too enjoy your dog’s smell after bath time (just avoid artificial fragrances).
  • Check for harmful substances that may have been added in the preparation of the shampoo that should be avoided.
  • The shampoo that is being used for a puppy should be environmentally friendly. Natural ingredients like oatmeal and neem are beneficial because it will help them tolerate all environmental effects and will protect the dog’s skin from irritation.
  • The shampoo should contain deodorizing substances because these will prevent your dog from carrying that “dog smell” people often associate with pets.
  • The pH of the shampoo should be neutral because a shampoo that is too acidic or too basic will be dangerous for your dog’s health and hair. A dog’s skin is very close to a neutral PH shampoo.
  • The shampoo contains mild cleansing substances in it. Hypoallergenic substances should be be used only because it will prevent the dog from irritation.
  • Never use human shampoo for a dog because the pH, acidity and cleansing effect of human shampoo varies from a dog shampoo.