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How to Post on Instagram and Save Time Doing it

So I would like to start off saying that I am a planner.  I love to plan ahead for everything and anything.  I’d like to share with you my thoughts on how to post on Instagram and other top social media sites.

As a blogger, my ultimate dream is to be able to not just plan out tomorrow’s update but even next month’s or dare I say next year!  As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. I am a firm believer in this and the idea that scheduling your social media content in advance is very much worth it.

Scheduling posts and updates to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter saves you valuable time

Whether you are a blogger like me or any other marketer, having a presence on social media is key to making your mark in the online world.  Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become a key marketing space for businesses small and large.  Marketing online can be time consuming.  I often struggle with when and what to share with my audience let alone sharing it in real time.  Many are overwhelmed by the process and are looking for ideas on how to make the process easier.

This is where I would like to circle back to scheduling out your posts.

What is the best method on how to post on instagram?

A small exercise that will yield great return in both time and energy.  Just think how great it would be to create your posts and updates all at once.  Even better, you can schedule them to be released at your desired time.  This proves to be very valuable if your key target audience is in a different time zone, or if you want to post at a specific hour. 

Scheduling your social media posts leads to consistency and deeper audience engagement

How awesome would it be to just be able to log on to your social media accounts for 10 minutes in the AM and 10 minutes in the PM.  This would give you just enough time to connect with your audience and make new connections.  Now that is what I call a productive day.  Scheduling your posts not only saves you time but promotes consistency. Posting consistently helps ensure your social media profiles remain active and engaged with your audience.  If saving time and being more consistent doesn’t get you excited to start planning, these added benefits of scheduling your posts will.  Extend the lifespan of your posts and updates.  The ability to create a custom schedule and spread out your posts. And last but certainly not least, the ability to use that new found extra time doing something else you love!  

So now I move on to the exciting stuff.  A brief intro to my favorite tool that is going to take your social media presence to the next level!

Autogrammer:  One of the best tools for managing all your social media in one place and especially to post on Instagram

how to post on instagram

Now let’s move onto THE tool that is going to get you freed up.  Autogrammer, one of the best tools to use when posting on Instagram.  Autogrammer features a multitude of time-saving benefits.  Some of these include the ability to post to multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can schedule for posting at a future date and time. You can conveniently manage multiple social media accounts from one place.  They offer an easy to use yet powerful photo editor that allows you to easily crop, apply filters, rotate, fix colors and more on the fly.  And last but not least, you can instantly bulk upload images.  Autogrammer is such a great time-saving tool but what I love most is it allows you to do all this in one place; you don’t have to use different apps or programs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post on how to post on Instagram and save much needed time with the best scheduling tool out there…!